Best Home Baking Kits in Canada and USA Home Baking Kits in Canada and USA
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Dany and Carlo Javelly Ternoir
Momma baker and baby baker

My favourite part was spending time with my little baby boy in the kitchen!

Nikita Gupta
Cupcake afficionado

I'll be honest, I am not the best cook! But I tried the Lindt Chocolate Cookie box and it was surprisingly easy and tasted pretty good.

Rene Chen
Master of tarts

A perfect way to spend an evening at home with my partner.


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Discover the joy of baking with HomeBaker, your go-to destination for premium baking activity kits in the USA and Canada. Elevate your home baking experience with our innovative kits crafted with organic ingredients. Perfect for birthdays, special events, and corporate gifting, our Bake-at-Home Cake Kits and Cookie Decorating Kits redefine the art of homemade treats. Unleash your creativity and share the love of baking with our thoughtfully curated kits. Explore unique gift ideas for all occasions, including Employee Appreciation Gifts. Indulge in the sweet moments and make every celebration memorable with HomeBaker – where passion meets perfection in every delicious bite

Homebaker's All-Inclusive Baking Kits for USA and Canada

Explore Irresistible Baking Fun with HomeBaker Kits: Unleash your inner pastry chef with our premium DIY baking activity kits, meticulously crafted for ultimate enjoyment. Elevate celebrations with top-tier ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delight. Perfect for birthdays, events, or corporate gifting, HomeBaker brings joy to your kitchen. Delight in the art of baking with our curated kits designed for enthusiasts of all levels. Discover the perfect blend of quality and creativity, making every occasion memorable. Elevate your baking experience – the HomeBaker way. Unwrap the magic of homemade goodness, the ideal gift for those who savor life's sweet moments. Shipping across the USA and Canada

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Discover the Joy of Baking with Homebaker Kits in the USA and Canada! Elevate your baking experience with our adorable and user-friendly baking activity kits. Homebaker makes it effortless and enjoyable for both beginners and seasoned bakers to create mouthwatering treats. Our specially curated kits are perfect for anyone, including kids, providing a delightful introduction to the world of baking. Explore a variety of cute baking activity kits that turn your kitchen into a fun-filled bakery. Unlock the magic of hassle-free baking and create delicious memories with Homebaker – your go-to brand for delightful and easy-to-use baking kits in the USA and Canada.

Homebaker Baking Gifts: Kid-Friendly, Adult-Approved, And Pure Fun

Elevate your child's baking experience with Homebaker, the leading brand in kid-friendly baking activity kits! Our curated kits, crafted for joyous moments, include a charming kids' apron and hat, ensuring your little ones bake in style. With step-by-step instructions and engaging activity cards, Homebaker Kits make baking a delightful adventure for children in the USA and Canada. Unleash creativity and culinary skills as your kids embark on a journey filled with fun and flavor. Elevate family time and create lasting memories with Homebaker Kits – where every HomeBaker Activity box is a recipe for joy, learning, and scrumptious success!

Gift the Love of Baking: Home Baking Kits for Every Occasion

Elevate Celebrations with Homebaker Kits: The Ultimate Baking Kit Experience! Explore our curated collection of delightful baking activity kits, perfect for birthdays, holidays, and corporate gifting in the USA and Canada. Homebaker, the go-to brand for interactive baking, offers a range of creative kits that transform into delicious baked goods. From birthday surprises to festive treats, our baking kits bring joy to every occasion. Unleash the culinary artist in your team with Homebaker baking Kits – the ideal gift for your team.. Elevate the festivities with the perfect blend of fun and flavor. Explore the joy of baking with Homebaker today