5 Favorite winter memories as Kids

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As we spend our first winter in these unique times, we at HomeBaker started to reminisce about our favorite memories of Winter, and here they are in no particular order - 

  • Blowing mist out of our mouths and acting like dragons - As kids, there’s something about blowing fake smoke out of your mouth. When I was a kid, the only reason I wanted to try smoking a cigarette was because it would lead to actual smoke coming out of my mouth. In my head that was the most daredevil stunt I could pull. I was not only playing with fire but indirectly I had fire in my mouth! Yesterday when temperatures dropped below, we went out and did that exact same thing. We just opened our mouths and puffed air out and giggled like little boys. 
  • Food, food and more food - Winter gives us an excuse to eat. As adults we can justify the ‘holiday weight’ through all those delicious baking recipes by hiding it under multiple layers. And as kids, we justify it because our parents are eating chocolate cakes all day long, so why can’t we!
  • Helping mom in the kitchen - For some reason come winters, all of a sudden I was promoted to a sous chef. Mom used to look for baking activities with kids, she wanted to teach her kids about good food and she put her faith in me that I could mix that flour and baking soda perfectly. Little did she know that it would lead to us growing up and being passionate home bakers.
  • Snowball fights - Nothing can beat a snowball fight followed by a Lindt Hot Chocolate Mug Cake. That feeling when your fingers are numb and you come home to mom baking a fun recipe and that delicious smell. It still gets me salivating!
  • Playing video games - Those windy winter days gave us the perfect excuse to sit in front of the tv, all cuddled up, playing mario for hours. As long as the kids were occupied at home, mom was happy, and as long as mom was happy, we could continue playing forever!