Easy to bake kids kits with minimal adult supervision required. Each baking kit includes all the dry ingredients necessary to bake your delicious dessert kit, a step by step fun recipe sheet and a stimulating activity sheet.


Homebaker Kids baking kits are specially designed for your little ones to learn about the science of baking, create magical baked goods by themselves and enjoy delicious baked treats

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Develop your childs vocabulary, learn about how different chemicals react, develop measuring skills, learn how to follow instructions and teach them the magic of patience as their cake pops bake!

Get your kids away from the electronic screens and make them participate in DIY activities that stimulate their minds and reward them with delicious treats

Get your kids involved in the kitchen and teach them the value of wholesome eating and helping out with cleaning through healthy baking

Help your kids make their delicious baking kits and teach them the pleasure of sharing their yummy creations with friends and family

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Joy Unwrapped: Fun Baking Activities and Perfect for Gifts for Kids Ages 3-8!

Discover joyous Fun Baking Activities for Children with Homebaker Kits! Elevate your kids' baking experience with our delightful Holiday Baking Kits for Kids. Our Safe Baking Kits for Kids ensure a worry-free, mess-free adventure, providing a secure environment for young bakers aged 3-8. Unleash the creativity in your little ones with our Easy Baking Kits for Kids, complete with everything they need to whip up scrumptious treats. Homebaker, the trusted kid-friendly baking kits brand in the USA and Canada, makes baking a piece of cake. Elevate family time and order Homebaker Kits today for delicious memories and tasty creations!

Educational & Fun Baking Kits – The Perfect Gift for Any Celebration!

Discover the joy of baking with HomeBaker Kits! Elevate celebrations with our educational baking activity kits, perfect for birthdays and holidays. Explore our delightful range, including cookie and donut baking kits. Unleash creativity and enhance productivity with our engaging kits designed for both kids and adults. Each HomeBaker Kit comes complete with everything you need to create delicious treats at home. Ignite a passion for baking and make memorable moments with our educational activity kits. Elevate gifting with our Birthday activity Kits and Holiday activity Kits. Order now for a sweet blend of fun and learning at homebakerkits.com – where baking dreams come true!

Holiday Magic in a Box: Kids Baking Kits – Ideal for Gifts and Celebrations!

Discover joy in every bite with HomeBaker Kits! Elevate gifting with our irresistible baking kits – perfect for birthdays and holiday celebrations. Unleash your inner chef and create scrumptious cookies and donuts effortlessly. Our all-in-one gifting kits guarantee a delightful baking experience, containing everything needed for a fun-filled activity. Ideal for kids, HomeBaker Kits turn any occasion into a sweet celebration. Elevate your gift-giving game and spread the joy of baking across the USA and Canada. Make memories and mouth-watering treats with HomeBaker Kits, where every box is a recipe for happiness! Order now for a taste of pure baking bliss.

Safety First, Fun Always: Discover Our Kid-Approved, Safe Baking Kits!

Discover the joy of baking with HomeBaker Kits, your go-to source for kid-friendly baking adventures! Elevate your family's kitchen experience with our exciting and educational baking kits, perfect for creating delightful cookies, donuts, and gummy bears. Our meticulously crafted kits ensure a safe and enjoyable baking experience, using only organic, FDA-approved ingredients. Trust in HomeBaker as the ultimate destination for quality, fun, and wholesome baking. Unlock the world of safe baking with our organic food kits, designed for young bakers in the USA and Canada. Make memories and delicious treats with HomeBaker Kits—where every moment is a delightful discovery.

Little Chefs, Big Adventures: Explore the Ease of Our Kid-Friendly Baking Kits

Embark on a culinary journey with HomeBaker Kits, your child's gateway to the world of baking wonders! Our exciting and fun baking activity kits, tailored for kids in the USA and Canada, transform the kitchen into a playground of creativity. HomeBaker Kits not only provide a delightful experience but also serve as a thrilling adventure for young chefs to learn new skills and foster kitchen confidence. Ignite your child's passion for baking with our specially crafted kits, cultivating their culinary abilities in an enjoyable and educational way. Unleash the joy of discovery in the kitchen with HomeBaker Kits—where every bake is a delightful adventure

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