6 Things I learned during this pandemic

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1. An episode of "FRIENDS" can make any day better.
Time with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey is time well
spent. It nourishes my soul and lightens the mind. And it cuts across
generations. Much needed at this time!

2. SWEAT PANTS are the most essential wardrobe item.
Because, well, comfort and warmth and English Breakfast tea in hand
have made this (and every other) difficult time survivable. Sweat
pants will now and forever reign triumphant over heels and formal

3. CELL PHONES aren' t good bedfellows.
I am sooo tired of being glued to my phone all the time, and yet I
can’t stop. So a few days  ago, after my son checked my crazy long
'Screen time", I left the phone in to charge in an obscure corner  of
the house. No longer having the ability to check my WhatsApp as the last
thing before I go to sleep, and also not picking it up the second I
wake in the morning has created a lot of mental space in my life. It
forces me to just think, or pray, or sleep for that matter, and gives
me just a little extra brain space. It’s a win-win.

Ever since I made playlists, I started doing those 10,000 steps. I just
pull on my Air Pods and time flies. And thanks to Spotify, I now have a
playlist for every mood I’m in, and for every mood I might want or
need to be in such as the  “The Happy Playlist” (to turn that frown upside
down!). Music makes my heart happy and I am all about that. So find
(or make) some good playlists and let them be the soundtrack to your

5. Take CARE of Yourself

Living through this pandemic taught me many things, but probably most
important was learning how to value a truly good life and take care of
yourself.  Part of that was learning how not take your and others
inflated opinions too seriously.  You only have one life, so nurture
it and take care of it.

6. It's worth taking time off to BAKE
There are few things that are as de-stressing to me as baking. And
double Fun, you get to make the cake and eat it too. I discovered some
really quick ways to do so without all the ingredient shopping such as The
Home Baker Baking Kit, delivered with all items measured. And the end
result is so always yum.

Enough Said!