Make Christmas Fun with these Christmas Activities at home :)

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The year 2020 has brought its fair share of struggles and challenges for all of us. Which is why there’s all the more reason to get really excited about the upcoming Holiday season. Usually we put up our trees and decorate our houses late November or early December. But this year is like no other so why leave it till then to get that holiday feeling going? So bring out those Christmas lights, put up the Christmas tree and stockings and start the celebrations early this year.

 Things may look and feel a bit different this year with no Christmas markets or the usual festive decorations at stores. But here are a few suggestions to really create that Christmas environment in your own home. 

  1. Build a Christmas Holiday Playlist

Ahhh It’s that time of the year where Mariah Carey starts topping the charts again. As a fun activity this year, try building out a Christmas playlist with your favourite Christmas carols and songs from your childhood. Playing your favourite Christmas songs really gives you that nostalgic feeling and enhances the cheerful and festive atmosphere. My personal list includes the classics Drummer Boy, The First Noel and anything Pentatonix! You can take it a step further and have Christmas karaoke at home.  

  1. Bake Christmas goodies

We don’t really need a reason to keep baking and eating right? Even less so during the holiday season. At Homebaker, we have special Christmas baking boxes this year designed to keep that festive feeling going. Our easy recipes, fun recipes and pre-measured ingredients allow you to avoid the hassle of standing in long-lines in stores and shopping for ingredients. We want you to focus on creating beautiful memories through spending time with your loved ones, and at the same time teach kids about good food.

  1. Watch a Christmas Holiday movie every night

Watching Die Hard is an annual tradition for me. Watching John Mclain, barefoot and bloodied, saving the Nakatumi building for some reason always gives me great holiday cheer. Some of my other favourites include The Holiday, Home Alone, Die Hard. Nothing is more Christmassy than watching those old classics  

  1. Make delicious Christmas cocktails 

I don’t know about you but one of the reasons I really love the Christmas market is because of those spicy Christmas cocktails. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling as the winter really starts to set in. This year, why not try replicating some of those favourites at home whether egg nogg, rum punch or mulled wine. 

  1. Spread the cheer

The Holiday season is the time for giving and spreading cheer. The best way to really feel great about yourself is to help others. Make cards and distribute it to lonely people in your community. Spring clean and donate your unwanted clothing to charities. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly or vulnerable neighbour.