Communities of Strength

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Yesterday I read this heartwarming article on
Maria whose vaccine hunting started on April  1, when her parents—her father has leukemia and her mother is a breast cancer survivor with a heart ­condition — were unable to get appointments
themselves. She hated that they had to wait. Clicking around on vaccine registration sites Maria, who has helped her husband develop
websites, discovered just how difficult it was to book an appointment.
“It was like trying to get a World Series ticket,” she says.

She applied strategies that web insiders are familiar with (keeping
multiple browsers open, refreshing sites every 20 seconds, erasing
cookies) and added a few of her special skills. “I’m tenacious. I
drink a lot of coffee, and I’m a fast typer,” she says. Soon
enough,Maria had secured appointments for both of her parents. “I felt
like a rock star,” she says.

Maria decided that helping others would be her way of giving back. “I
feel like I need to will us out of this pandemic,” she says. On April
6, she logged on to Facebook to let people know that she was assisting
with bookings. By end April, she’d secured appointments for 200
people, a feat that made one 80 year old  conclude, “Marla is some
sort of ­COVID angel.”

As we navigate the perils of the pandemic, we must not only nurture
ourselves as we reinforce our strengths so we can thrive, but also
nurture those older people in our lives, to help them improve their
health and well-being.

This is how we build strong communities. Reach out to the older people
in your family and your community. Give a call or send a small  cake
simply and freshly  made from the HomeBaker delivered meal kit, to
help brighten their day. You will find it will brighten yours as well.
Let them know you are just checking to see how they are doing, because
you care.

It really warmed my heart when I checked on my neighbor Bob's wife
who  was in the hospital, non-Covid related, I welcomed her home with
a card and flowers. Wellness and well-being are so very important for
all of us. lets live life  in a meaningful way.

Be Safe, Be Happy!