Culinary Resolutions

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There is an old proverb " you are what you cook"? and if there isn't I am
making one up now.
On Sunday, I was clearing some drawers and came across a diary of my
younger years when one made enthusiastic lists with so much zest. One
list I made some years ago was a 'Culinary Resolution List' In the spirit of looking backwards to go forwards, I thought it might be good to see how far I’ve come in a few years.
1. Prep like a chef -
Well, I was doing well, and boasting of all the hours I shaved off on weeknight dinner prep. However, The lockdown has put a stop to it ,with WFH and flexi hours. Now I finish a whole lot of work for the next day after the kids are tucked in for bed.
2. Try one new recipe every week -
Sure, you have your repertoire of roasted chicken, spaghetti carbonara
& Dark chocolate cake down to a “T”. But now, more than ever, there is
an entire internet chocked with recipes, to inspire you. Then luckily I also found food kit companies like Home Baker who make home baking
so easy,  and keeps the kids all excited.
3. Make and Eat more veggies -
With all the focus on health with all the covid around, I have definitely ramped up adding veggies which even I never knew about earlier. Now we even have exotic Zucchini Bread on the menu for dinner.
4. Meat free Mondays -
With all the news on the animal products front I had wanted to do this
since long. This is one resolution I stuck with and its adventurous to
plan a meal without it. It was  Started by Linda and Paul McCartney and I suggest you try doing so too.
5. Be grateful -
“I will remember how lucky I am to be able to have food in my fridge
and family and friends to share it with.”
Always, or ‘100 per cent’, as the kids say now. Especially after 2020.

So, I think I can generously give myself a pass. I’m not a complete
fool, I have learned a thing or two. Still can’t believe I had given
up macaroons though. Maybe my 2021 resolution is to eat them more

Do you make resolutions? How good are you at keeping them?