Top 3 New Year Resolutions for 2021

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2020 was a weird year! For each and every person. It started off normal, at least I think from what I remember. There was less snow, but we still managed to get some skiing done in January. In fact we even made a trip down to Blue Mountain and ate probably the best Chocolate Chip cookies ever (which we tried to replicate on the HomeBaker Baking Kits website).

February was windy as usual and I made a trip to Dubai for a cousin's wedding where we ate the most delicious food and wedding cake and danced into the night. Wow, I just realised that was a year ago! But from then on, it just became weird!

Whilst I was on my flight back, I remember a lockdown was announced, and that is where 2020 ended!

But it’s 2021 now! A new year with new us and new HomeBaker baking recipes. So that means that it’s time for new resolutions, and here are my 3 favorite new year's resolutions for 2021 - 

  • Take shorter showers - Is it me or does winter mean long and hot showers for everyone else as well? And I mean long and I mean hot. The water goes well above 100 degrees so there is steam coming out and to make it even more enjoyable, I turn on my alexa and connect it to my spotify to keep the music going on till my skin is all wrinkly! But this year I am cutting back. I want to save water, I want to save electricity, I want to save my skin from drying up! So this year I promise to not shower for more than 5 minutes. 
  • Eat healthier - So I don’t think I eat particularly unhealthy, but I am not healthy per se. I love my cake and honestly cannot eat one slice. And that’s the problem, that I cannot stop eating when I start! So let me clarify, this year I am going to eat healthier cake! And heere at HomeBaker we have a lot of healthy cakes and healthy bakery items as part of the offerings. The Sweet Potato muffins would have to be my favorite. Everything from the sunflower seeds, to the figs, to the sweet potatoes and dates, all are essential to having a balanced diet.

Take breaks during working - Working from home has made us sit on our computers for hours at a stretch. When we used to go to an office, I used to take at least 10 water/coffee/stretch/walk breaks. NOw that I am sitting at home in my sweats, I tend to sit on my computer for hours without even looking up, and that I am sure, is not the best way to spend my day. So I put in a reminder that after every hour I either stretch or go for a short walk around my tiny apartment.