Celebrating Christmas virtually with your family

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year, however, it’s like the revenge of the Grinch. The enforced social distancing coupled with the absence of the local Christmas markets and in store decorations has put a dampener on the usual feel good Christmas vibe.  So we need to embrace the new normal and find creative ways of celebrating Christmas this year. 

Though you may not be able to celebrate in close proximity with your family or friends, here are a few ways where you can still celebrate Christmas virtually with them and make this a festive joyful occasion.

All it requires is a little planning and coordination. I’m assuming you are the planner in your family which is why you have chanced upon this blog so the onus is on you to get the ball rolling. 

1.       Schedule a family zoom Christmas day

You can schedule a Zoom Christmas invite at a time that works for all of you along with an agenda depending on how you envision the day going. Hook up your devices to the largest television/ projector in the house. This is a great way to make sure that see your family members literally in the biggest way possible. 

2.       Curate a Holiday playlist

There is no better way to build that Christmas environment by hearing the old family Holiday favourites. Curate a Holiday festive playlist that has everyone’s favorite carols and ask family members to send it their suggestions as well. 

3.       Pre-plan a Christmas menu cooked by all households

Curate a Christmas menu that has at least one old family classic usually served at every family Christmas celebration. This should include cocktails, food and dessert. So, if Nana Edna’s famous Roast Turkey is what is usually served, include that on the menu. The taste, smell and texture of food can bring back memories of place and setting. You could send across the recipes in advance so there is enough time to shop and prep. At Homebaker, we have our own curated Christmas baking kits and recipes which you could send across to your family members.

4.       Open presents together 

Though you aren’t celebrating together physically, one of the most anticipated moments is exchanging and opening presents. It’s priceless seeing everyone’s reactions as they open their presents.   

5.       Play Christmas games or sing Christmas karaoke

You could play a few games such as Holiday bingo or sing Christmas karaoke as a fun way to work up an appetite before the big Christmas meal

6.       Eat Christmas lunch/dinner together

As you’ve curated your Christmas meal and are all cooking the same dish, it would be great to share pictures of how everyone’s respective dishes turned out. This is a fun way to know who the secret chefs in the family are and who knows they could actually play a larger role in cooking the Christmas meal next year once things normalize again.

7.       Watch a Netflix Christmas movie together

After the big Christmas meal, its usually a tradition to watch a family movie together. You can still watch it together virtually by organizing a Netflix watch party.