How to make baking a fun experience for your kids

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At Homebaker we believe fun recipes to bake is an activity for all occasions. We want baking for children to be an enjoyable experience for you and your kids by making it easy, fun and hassle free. Our Home Baker baking kits provide you with simple kid friendly recipes and pre-measured ingredients so you can focus more on enjoying the occasion with your kids rather than worrying about clean up.

 Here’s how you can really get them to fall in love with baking

  1. Let them choose what they want to bake

By giving your kids the power to make decisions, they are baking what they want and are more likely to enjoy baking and eating it. Giving them control over the process really helps them take ownership and stay engaged throughout. You could pre-select a few options for them to ensure that the recipes are easy and don’t have too much prep or clean up. 

  1.  Get them their own accessories

I don’t know about you but I get really excited to cook when I have a new frying pan or appliance which makes my life easier in the kitchen. Getting your kids their own customized aprons and baking tools is a sure way to get them much more excited about the entire process. 

  1. Let them do the easy stuff

If your kids are very new to baking it’s best to let them start with the easier parts of the process. Let them help measure, stir and knead in the beginning and as they gain confidence they can gradually take on more responsibility in the kitchen and move on to more difficult recipes. But first give them easy recipes to bake. 

  1. Use fun ingredients for toppings

Nothing delights kids more than adding visually appealing toppings like sprinkles, M&M’s or chocolate shavings. It adds a fun festive look to the dessert and allows your kids the opportunity to be creative while decorating.

  1. Play their favourite music

While you may cringe at the thought of hearing Baby Shark on loop, playing your kids favourite songs is a sure way to create a fun atmosphere for them and get them to dance and shake while they bake. 

  1. Take pictures

These are precious moments for you and your kids and what better way to capture them with pictures to celebrate the occasion. Their initial efforts may not be ‘Insta worthy’ but it gives them a deep sense of accomplishment when you have pictures to celebrate their efforts.