Kitchen Memories

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Hello. It's funny the kitchen rhythms I've fallen into during the
pandemic, and the dishes I'll forever associate with this time.
So many Ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches . So much mayonnaise with it. All the blueberry muffins I baked. And the chocolate chip cookies from HomeBaker my children made again and again, always with different recipes I sourced for them. A year ago I barely baked at all. All those bricks of tofu cubed and fried or baked, until I zeroed on my favourite -Japanese Tofu with miso sauce.
I'll think of the strong tea with milk, in place of the coffee with half-and-half I used to drink before the pandemic.
We are, many of us , cooking so much more than ever we did before, when it was possible to blow off making home cooked dinner because you could just as easily and maybe nearly cheaply go to a restaurant or
bar. It's changing how we eat, and what we eat.
Covids been a nightmare, of course. But if you're looking for glimmers
of goodness amid it, start in the kitchen.
Then cook! So many delicious recipes are waiting for you at Home
Baker. And they make it so easy. Go look and see which recipe strikes
your fancy.